Posted with permission from The Washington Times

Words matter. And how the public perceives things is often dictated by the words used to describe those things. 

No one knows this lesson better than President Donald Trump who has effectively used labels and names to promote his own ideas and efforts while tearing down and destroying his opponents. 

"Crooked Hillary" and "Little Marco" may be mean and hurtful taunts but they also helped negatively define obstacles in the way of Trump's goal of winning the White House. Meanwhile, the "Tax Reform" law the president signed in December doesn't contain what most conservatives would describe as real "reform" but it was easier to market than just another "tax cut" so reform was what it was called and reform is what won the day. 

Trump knows this. And until now, he has mastered this. 

So, why do we keep hearing "DACA Deal" from him now?  The American people did not vote for him so he could make a Daca Deal.  Quite the opposite. We voted for him so he could enforce the immigration laws as they are currently written, not make deals with Democrats for new laws.

Killing DACA in the first place was a good step in that direction. So is deporting criminal illegal aliens. And, obviously, construction of the border wall that Congress has already approved (with votes from Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein) should have already commenced. 

So why do we see the president meeting with Democrats and talking about making a DACA Deal? 

If we understand and believe the White House, yesterday's bipartisan and bicameral meeting resulted in an agreement to work toward a bill that combines solutions in four key areas: chain migration, the visa lottery system, DACA and the wall. 

That's three very important issues that Trump voters want and one carrot that Democrats are dying for. And that one thing, DACA legislation, is to be combined with a wall, ending chain migration and killing the dangerous visa lottery. 

So, how exactly is this a DACA Deal? It's only a DACA Deal if you're a Democrat. They need to be able to tell their open borders, pro-amnesty supporters that they got DACA.  Fine, let them.

But from Trump's perspective, and the perspective of his supporters, he's making a deal to put fundamental immigration fixes in place so the border is shut down and our nation's generosity can no longer be exploited with damaging policies like chain migration and a visa lottery. 

So let's stop adopting the Dems language, shall we?  We don't call them "undocumented workers" do we? We call them illegal aliens. We don't say "Happy Holidays" do we? We say Merry Christmas. So let's stop calling this pending bill a "DACA Deal."

It's a "Wall deal." And it should be ten feet higher.