Posted with permission from The Washington Times

Melinda McGillivray claimed Tuesday that Donald Trump groped her in the early 2000s, adding her voice to several other women who claim Mr. Trump sexually harassed them.

"Can't believe a guy like that could make it into the office, the highest office, and be revered as this leader. And I can't look up to a man like that. I was disgraced," Ms. McGillivray said on NBC News' "Megyn Kelly Today" about President Trump.

She joins three other women who came forward Monday with other allegations against Mr. Trump, again, ranging from groping to unwanted kissing. These women all said they made their story known during the campaign, but are retelling what happened to them in light of the new national conversation about sexual harassment.

At least 15 women have accused Mr. Trump of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior, according to CNN.

Several lawmakers have launched a request to investigate these allegations, while some have called on the president to resign. Mr. Trump has categorically denied these claims, and the White House has said, since they came out during the election, the American people have already made a decision on these allegations.