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Senate passes the Republican tax cut scam that will pilfer the middle-class (VIDEO)

The Senate in a marathon session effected one of the most massive thefts on the middle-class and the poor. The tax cut scam is at least a $1.5 trillion transfer of wealth from the masses to a wealthy few. But we can still stymie it as it goes into the conference between the Senate and the House.

CNN reported the following.

(CNN)The Senate passed its tax reform bill in the early hour of Saturday morning, following a day full of Republican leaders made changes to bring enough members on board and a long night full of heated rhetoric on both sides of the aisle.

The vote was 51-49, mostly along party lines. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee was the only Republican to vote against the bill, citing concerns about growing the deficit.

Congressional negotiators continued to make changes to the bill -- including handwriting alterations on to the document -- up until just hours before the final vote, with Democrats sharply criticizing Republicans for not giving members enough time to read the sweeping legislation that would overhaul the US tax system.

The House of Representatives approved its own tax reform plan last month, and the two chambers are expected to go to conference to reconcile the two bills.

Republicans continue to lie in Press Conference after passing tax cut scam

One knows a scam is a scam when one of the most respected Republican Strategist calls what these charlatans are doing "a travesty.". Robert Reich did not mince words either as he excoriated the Trump Administration for playing Americans for fools.

While these con-artists are happy that they got their tax cut scam passed, everyday Americans must stay in the fight. They must put the fear of the masses in every single Congressperson and Senator. Call, fax, email, or visit your two Senators and Congressperson continuously effective now. You can find them here.