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Thursday morning, after Donald Trump was done making up for a little lost time on Twitter and in between rounds of golf, he squeezed in one last self-congratulatory tweet that had the internet first scratching its collective head, then laughing its collective ass off.

Trump is talking, of course, about holiday sales numbers being reported over the last few days by a variety of outlets, all of whom seem to agree on a few basic facts:

  • Sales saw their biggest jump since 2011…
  • …pending final numbers, of course; "Free Shipping" takes a toll on final profits
  • That had nothing to do with Trump

It's a lesson he just can't seem to learn: Until a president signs a policy that has a major effect on the economy and that policy is observed over a period of time that would allow its effects to be implemented, the economy â€" good or bad â€" belongs to the previous president.

That is to say, NO president can claim the good economy is their doing, nor is forced to claim that a bad economy is their fault, in their first year in office. If Trump had signed a major spending or tax package on January 21st, we still would not be seeing the effects of it on the American economy, except in the form of market speculation. And as everyone knows, the stock market is but a tiny indicator of how average Americans are doing economically.

It didn't take long for the internet to remind Trump of these basic facts:

It's got to burn him up inside to know that he's not fooling anyone but his idiot sycophant followers. But come on, Trumpkins! You've gotta put a little more effort into your lies next time! Maybe stick to taking credit for your epic vacation time, and leave the economy to the pros.

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