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A Texas man received a 52-year sentence for the gruesome murder of his 21-year-old wife in August 2016. Davie Dauzat killed his wife, Natasha, decapitated her, then stored her head in the freezer. All of this was done in the presence of their two children. The 3 and one-year-old were found unharmed but covered in blood in the home by the police.

Officers visited the couple after Dauzat's brother asked them to do a welfare check at their mobile home after he had made some "weird statements" and asked "funny questions." Hours after the police left, the authorities were called again. Davie Dauzat phoned his brother to tell him he had "killed his girlfriend."

Authorities said Natasha Dauzat was stabbed "at least 43 times." She died of "sharp force injuries including decapitation," according to an autopsy report.

"It is certainly a tragedy for everybody involved in the situation and I think it highlights the dangers that drugs play in our society," said Dauzat's defense attorney, Joseph Marcee. "I certainly think that factored into everything and I think it is a tragedy."

But it's never been revealed as to which drugs Dauzat had taken, with the exception of smoking marijuana with his wife earlier that day.

"My client took responsibility for his actions today and that is something he wanted to do," Marcee added.

Dauzat has to spend at least 26 years in prison before he can seek parole.

In a victim-impact statement from the victim's mother, Patricia Tagliarino said that Dauzat deserved to die a slow, painful death like her daughter did, the Herald-Tribune reported.

She said she prays every day for him to die.

"She loved that man to death, and I guess that's what killed her," Tagliarino said last year.

No clear motive has been revealed, although Dauzat is aware that murdering his young wife was wrong.

But, he also added that it was ultimately "a battle between good and evil," according to the Waco Herald Tribune.

Natasha's Facebook page is still up in remembrance of her. So is Davie Dauzat's and it shows pictures of the couple and their children celebrating Christmas together in 2015. "Our family's happy Christmas," a Facebook post reads that includes the pictures.

Natasha's Facebook profile reads, "I'm the happiest girl ever with an amazing Husband and kids and I love them xoxoxoxo."

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