Posted with permission from Latin Times

"Love & Hip Hop Miami" aired the first episode on January 1, 2018,  showcasing the lives of several people in the Miami area, involved with hip-hop music. The fourth installment of the Love & Hip Hop reality television franchise includes main cast members like Trina, Prince, Amara La Negra, Gunplay, Veronica Vega, Bobby Lytes, Shay Johnson, Trick Daddy, plus supporting characters like record producer Young HollywoodKeyara Stone, Pleasure P, Miami Tip, Pretty Ricky, Joy Young, and many more.

The episode sparked controversy right away when aspiring singer Amara La Negra, birth name Dana Danelys De Los Santos - an Afro-Latina of Dominican descent, met with Young Hollywood, a pioneer of Latinx trap movement and best known for his collaborations with Migos and Pitbull.

“If you don't look a certain type of way, it's almost impossible to be taken seriously,” Amara La Negra explains in the first few seconds of the series premiere giving a preamble of what her mission as an artist will be, defend at all costs the Afro-Latin community especially the woman. The 27-year-old "Love & Hip Hop Miami" star wants to represent her ethnic roots–and the many others who look like her.

Young Hollywood isn’t feeling Amara La Negra’s Afro, so he dares to suggest that she should flat iron her hair or try some braids, but neither Amara or the rest of the fans agree. Right after Hollywood, real name Elijah Sarraga, made his comments and even called her "Nutella Queen" and told she was "psychotic" for "trying to make the whole [Afro-Latina] thing an issue," Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users dragged Segarra labeling him as "racist" and "ignorant."

"I hate how men always pull the 'she's crazy' card just because a woman doesn't agree with what he's saying. In what way was she acting psychotic? She stayed classy when he CLEARLY insulted her and acted like he doesn't know what Afro-Latino is," Jade Meindertsma wrote on Facebook. "Y'all did he call her Nutella Queen or am I tripping. Please let me know so I can troll his page," Kayla wrote on Instagram.

Watch how Amara handle the whole situation below!