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Cyril Ramaphosa has - for some weeks - engaged Jacob Zuma regarding his vacating the State Presidency. It is important that Zuma leaves and it may be necessary to compromise in order to achieve that. It is delicate to secure his departure without infringing constitutionalism or funding items which he should pay from his own resources, from monies needed for transformatory goals.

Ever since the ANC conference in December the public and for the most part, the ANC has watched how ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa would address the departure of Jacob Zuma from the state presidency. At one point Ramaphosa took over areas of government, making decisions or initiating decisions or actions that would normally be left to the president. This gave the impression that Zuma may have conceded the ground to Ramaphosa and be readying himself to leave office, without any major conditions or unpleasantness. It should be remembered that when Thabo Mbeki was recalled from the state presidency, he made no demands whatsoever and simply acceded to the organisational call for him to resign.

Ramaphosa kept on repeating that nothing would be done that impaired Zuma's...