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The legacy of the 95 years of Nelson Mandela's powerful life is a historical library. This year will be rich with remembrance. By Sahm Venter and Verne Harris for the NELSON MANDELA FOUNDATION.

And suddenly Nelson Mandela was back among us.

A few hours earlier, on his 10,053rd day in custody, he sat in his last jail, a house in the grounds of Victor Verster Prison, and quietly went through the speech he was to make to the world from the balcony of Cape Town's City Hall.

The man whose words and image the South African regime had forbidden its people from seeing was free at last. Twenty-seven years, six months and six days after he was arrested on a lonely country road on the afternoon of Sunday 5 August 1962, he was back among us.

His belongings - mainly books and papers - were packed up in 22 cardboard boxes and transported in a convoy of hastily borrowed sedan cars. Included among them were a body board, mistakenly noted as a "surfboard" he could use when using the swimming pool next to the house, and an exercise bicycle for this fitness fanatic.

As on the day he was taken...