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THE government has vowed to take disciplinary action against private schools in the country that will dare deny students with required passes in standard four, form two and form four the chance to proceed to the next level for failure to attain their set pass marks.

In addition, the government also directed the schools that had denied permission to such students to bring and admit them back by the 20th of this month to their required classes.

The Commissioner of Education with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Dr Edicome Shirima, said that such students should not be made to repeat or be transferred to other schools, insisting on the need for any private school with such plans to abandon them or face legal action.

He made the directives in Dar es Salaam yesterday, saying the move was against the country's education regulations"Private schools that have denied permission or transferred students to other schools ought to ensure the students are brought back and admitted to classes they deserve," he said.

He added that the government's education document section No 7 of 2004 prohibits private schools (Non-governmental schools) from denying permission, transfer or make any student with a pass mark in standard four, form one and four to other schools for failing to get their required pass marks.

"The document clearly states that it is forbidden to carry out such abuse to students, parents and guardians and that any school that will dare to go against the document, implementing such decisions, the ministry responsible will take disciplinary action," he said.

Dr Shirima said that the Ministry has come to attention of some private schools that have denied students permission, taking them to lower classes as some are transferred for failing to attain pass marks set by the schools.

"The matter is against the rules, regulations and laws put across by the ministry," Dr Shirima noted, calling upon parents and guardians to ensure their children report back to their schools as planned and ensure they are admitted