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Rwandan Ambassador to Switzerland Dr Francois Ngarambe has been nominated to serve as Vice President of the Human Rights Council.

Ngarambe also serves as Rwanda's Permanent Representative to the UN, World Trade Organisation and other international bodies with headquarters in Geneva

He was nominated on Wednesday in Geneva, by the African Group in the council comprising 13 countries representing the rest of the continent.

"Africa nominated Rwanda to serve as Vice President of the Human Rights Council. I am honoured to have just been elected in that capacity. I pledge commitment to advance the cause of human rights," Ngarambe said in a tweet.

"This nomination and then election reflects an African Group's vote of confidence in Rwanda, endorsed by the Human Right Council; that confidence is recognition of Rwanda's capability and commitment to contribute to global efforts to advance the universal cause of human rights," Ngarambe told The New Times later.

Rwanda's membership to the Human Rights Council will end on December 31, 2018.

The envoy reiterated Rwanda's commitment aimed at strengthening the Human Rights Council, making it more efficient and more effective, and more focused on people and delivery than on bureaucracy and procedures.

"Prevention of human rights abuses and violations, building capacity to prevent and/or address human rights crises will be in the core of our contribution," he added.

During Wednesday's elections, Slovenia was elected president of the council, while Germany, Philippines and Chile share the vice-presidency with Rwanda for a one year mandate.

The council is made up of 47 Member States.