Posted with permission from Newsweek

President Donald Trump is slated to undergo his first physical exam as President today in Bethesda, Maryland. According to NPR, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has announced that the results of the physical will be released to the press on Tuesday, January 16th. It is still unclear what information from the exam will be released to the public.

Only Dr. Ronny Jackson, who will be administering the exam, is poised to know the full details of Trump's physical health through the 2016 campaign and election. But we know from previous years via Trump’s personal physician that, at least as recently as February 2017, Trump was reportedly regularly taking a drug for hair loss, baby aspirin, and antibiotics.


In early 2017 it was widely reported that the President was taking the drug finasteride, which is sold under the brand name Propecia, for hair loss prevention. As The Washington Post reported when it was first found Trump was on the drug, it has been associated with sexual side effects. The Post also mentioned literature that describes possible psychological side effects that result from using finasteride, although there appears to be no conclusive evidence. 

Baby aspirin

Trump has been widely reported to take a baby aspirin a day. This is a relatively common practice for heart attack prevention, according to the Mayo Clinic. The drug works by interfering with clotting in the blood. Although clotting is a necessary function for sealing wounds, that same mechanism can be deadly when it occurs in blood vessels in the heart. Aspirin stops the same cells that form blood clots when a person has a cut on the skin from forming plaques in the heart that can lead to heart attacks.


Trump also takes a statin to lower cholesterol. Like the baby aspirin, this prescription seems to be in the interest of heart health. Statins can help the body “reabsorb” cholesterol that accumulates on the walls of blood vessels, to the end goal of preventing a heart attack.


It was reported that Trump takes an antibiotic to treat rosacea, a skin condition whose major feature is reddened skin, according to the  National Institutes of Health

The results of Trump’s physical—and which, if any of these drugs he's still on—may become clear on Tuesday.