Posted with permission from International Business Times

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres came under fire a day after she sent "Firework" singer Katy Perry a happy birthday message Wednesday. 

Along with her birthday wishes, the singer sent a picture that set Twitter ablaze. It showed DeGeneres gawking at Perry's breast during the 2013 Grammy Awards. 

"Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It's time to bring out the balloons," DeGeneres tweeted. 

Twitter users quickly fired at DeGeneres, saying her tweet was sexist and set a double standard – especially amid the Harvey Weinstein scandal, where dozens of women accused the disgraced movie mogul of sexual harassment. Some compared Degeneres to the alleged sexual harasser, making #EllenWeinstein trend on Twitter. 

"WTF? Ellen Weinstein? @TheEllenShow totally unacceptable," a Twitter user wrote. 

Actor Michael Rapaport also tweeted in response to DeGeneres' tweet Wednesday and said, "If a DUDE said this the World would stop." 

DeGeneres spoke out about Weinstein's sexual harassment allegations and even set aside a whole segment of her talk show to address the trending Twitter tag #MeToo on Oct. 19, where she also admitted to being sexually assaulted. 

"This is not a male thing or a female thing," DeGeneres said on her show last week. "It is not a Hollywood thing or a political thing, this is a human thing ... We all want the same thing, we want respect, love and kindness."

Perry did not respond to DeGeneres' tweet. She seemed to conduct business as usual, advertising "Witness: the Tour," which has dates running until August.