Posted with permission from Maria Barina Live

Maria BarinaHi I am Maria Barina, a mother and grandmother.

Before I retired from NYC Board of Education as Laboratory Specialist Bio/GS in 2014.

I use to manage a High School Science Lab.

I had to provide my science teachers and their students with the science equipment and supplies for their science learning activities.

After school I would mentor The FIRST Robotic Team 1396 in building their robot for their yearly competition.

In 2012 my husband was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

This took a huge toll on the family.

I started looking for ways to make extra money online to pay for the bills.

A year later my husband passed away from Lung Cancer.

Leaving us with medical bills to pay.

I found programs online line that worked and some that didn't.

I found MyEmpirePRO to receive the guidance on how to get freedom that an online business can provide by using skills I had from working as a Laboratory Specialist and being a mentor for First Robotics.

Now I have the freedom to be able to do what I want, when I want to.

I am able to do this by working anywhere I go and because of this, I became a mobile-prenuer. 

I would like to show you that you can do the same to.

I would like to share with you the latest marketing strategies, tools and resources that come my way.

When I find any business opportunities that become lucrative for me I will share them with you, so you to can prosper also.

The best part in doing this is that I can be mobile and do what I love as long as I have internet, my laptop and my smart phone.

I took 2 road trips from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Stratosphere Sky JumpVisited the Grand Canyon and Stratosphere Las Vegas Sky Jump. Grand Canyon cliff

Love that I am able travel anywhere I want with out worrying about work. 

I love going to NYC Comic Con because you never know who you will meet. 

Dragonball ZBack to the FutureI got to meet with Back to the Future, Dragonball Z Goku and Vegeta and YaYa Han from Cosplay. Yaya Han and Me

Comic Con I had a Mastermind in NYC with the best.

NYC MastermindMastermind about marketing strategies for 3 days while enjoying NYC in July.

Went on The Marketers Cruise for 8 days and had fun in Aruba while getting tips and trick from 7 to 9 figure marketers.

Marketers CruiseCome and hangout with us in January.

The world is your oyster, come and join me and see my marketing strategies and lifestyle.



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