Posted with permission from K-12 News Network's The Wire

Take the pledge to #resist and fight for public schools as a public good TODAY.

DeVos had to have the assistance of Vice President Mike Pence's unprecedented tie-breaking vote in order to win her confirmation. Two GOP Senators voted against, all Democratic Senators voted against. Yet all the other GOP Senators who received campaign donations from this unqualified, unethical, and unfit candidate voted yes. Revealing.

This is the time to double down on civil rights protections for all the students who were vulnerable before November 8, 2017, and are doubly so now under DeVos: children of color, LGBTQ children, Muslim, Jewish, and other non-Christian children, undocumented children and their families, families originating from countries targeted by Trump's ban, children who speak a different language.

This is the time to expand the curriculum to make it relevant, inclusive, and empowering in order to whittle back ignorance and hate. This the time to redouble efforts to end the school-to-prison pipeline (#STPP).

This is the time to be brave. Learn like your life depends on it. Because it does.