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"Five heartwarming and powerful stories available to rent."

– Patrick King, REEL BRIEF

Film enthusiasts looking for "must-see" movies to rent over the Fourth of July holiday will enjoy these winners:

The Way (2010)

Martin Sheen plays an ophthalmologist living the country club lifestyle when he gets the terrible news that every parent dreads and is never prepared for. This film follows Sheen as he attempts to complete the hike his son started on foot, traveling from France to Spain, but never finished. An excellent cast and brilliant photography provide ‘The Way ‘ to an emotional trek–with frequent stops for rest and humility. This film is not about choosing a life, but living one. Somewhere along this El Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) journey you'll find yourself wanting to complete the pilgrimage.

Rated PG-13. Available at Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, On Demand, and Vudu.


Million Dollar Arm (2014)

This feel-good story follows the search for the first Indian to sign a professional sports contract in the United States. Based upon real events, "Million Dollar Arm" spans more than just the distance between the pitcher's mound and home plate. It captures India's customs and traditions as much as it portrays America's pastime. And for that, "Million Dollar Arm" delivers a perfect, 94-mph fastball.

Rated PG. Available at Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, On Demand, and Vudu.


Concussion (2015)

A spectacular Will Smith confirms for us that there are no coincidences in life. As Dr. Bennet Omalu, Smith uses his own vast talent to expose and highlight the dangers caused from repeated head trauma. "Concussion" isn't a movie about the National Football League. Rather, it's a story about a brilliant Nigerian immigrant, thankful for his many opportunities in America. His reverence towards our ideals and principles get tested by the very system he relishes. We should all be thankful for professionals such as Doctor Bennet Omalu–willing to do his job fully and unapologetically, without taking shortcuts. And that's all we can ask for.

Rated PG-13. Available at On Demand (STARZ – Free) and iTunes (buy).


Noble (2015)

A glass full, overflowing with emotion, movie. This film brings hope to the homeless and answers to the faithful. The true story of Christina Noble, a strong, spirited and determined woman who overcomes adversity and poverty on the streets of Ireland growing up. During her youth, she experiences dreams of Vietnam and understands that her life's calling is in that country. To fulfill her desire, she must first survive impossible odds and struggles no person should ever endure–particularly a child. She begins a conversation with God, asking Him why she's been dealt so much, so early in her life. The answer to that question can only be found in Vietnam. An uplifting and heartfelt story!

Rated PG-13. Available at Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.


Sing Street (2016)

Director John Carney, who gave us the 2007 romantic music trifecta of guitar, piano, and vocals in the Irish movie "Once", returns to Dublin for a stellar encore performance involving a teenage boy dealing with the pressures of school while starting up a rock band to get closer to a girl. Carney knows how to bring music and romance together better than anyone else and we find a heartfelt story that feels both charming and real at the same time. This generation's "Breakfast Club" movie! An above average cast and a 1980s soundtrack launch this movie into instant Classic status and onto my Top 10 Films for 2016.

Rated PG-13. Available at Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Netflix.

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