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Warning: This video contains explicit language.

Shocking footage shows an angry woman screaming at a U.S. military veteran and a restaurant’s staff members after the veteran brought his PTSD service dog into the establishment.

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The video begins with the woman already in hysterics, claiming she won’t keep her hands to herself and threatening to push the dog, who was wearing an official service dog jacket and was calmly standing off to the side with its owner. When an off-camera waitress tries to explain that the veteran is allowed to bring his dog inside because “he fought for our country,” the woman responds erratically by ranting about how her husband was a serviceman who died and asking what the waitress’s point is.

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“It’s still nasty to me! I don’t care!” the woman yells. “There should be a separate section for a fucking animal!”

As bystanders ask her to be quiet and explain to her that she can freely eat somewhere else, the woman calls them “whores” and “bitches.” A man eventually comes to everyone’s defense, getting in the woman’s face and telling to her leave. However, before the situation escalates any further, the veteran begs him, “Don’t do it. This is beneath us.”

“Like I said, it’s disgusting to have an animal inside of a public restaurant!” the woman yells as she finally leaves.

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According to, “[u]nder law by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability,” and that “[l]ocations such as restaurants are generally designated as areas protected under the ADA guidelines, particularly in regard to Service Animals, which are not to be confused with Emotional Support Animals.”