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looting video

As the entire country watched and waited in fear as Hurricane Irma began its onslaught on the state of Florida, one video caught everyone’s attention. The video was not of the fierce wind and rain, or even the immense flooding. Rather, it showed a group of people looting a store at the same time police were sheltering in place until the storm passed through.

And yes, it pissed plenty of people off.

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NASCAR star Ricky Stenhouse Jr. shared a video of the looting on his Twitter feed on September 10, with just the word “awful” describing his thoughts on the maddening scene.

Yet, it was fellow NASCAR driver’s David Ragan’s comment that seemed to get some attention. “They need to stop by the clothing store and steal some belts to hold up their pants next,” he wrote.

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Yep … he said it.

And while commenters seemed to laugh off David’s comment with an array of funny memes, others went as far as calling David a “racist” and questioned his political views and his decision to make such a comment.

So what do you think? Did David go to far with this tweet? Let us know in the comments below.