Posted with permission from The Washington Times

Once again, according to the political left, gun control is the answer. Violent, angry people will calm down and hug their teddy bears if we just instituted more gun control. If we get just the right gun law, criminals will stop using firearms to rob others or settle gang scores. What is this magical law that will cause these people to suddenly become honest, responsible citizens? They have no trouble ignoring all the laws currently on the books. One thing we can be sure of is that additional laws will further infringe on the constitutional rights of responsible Americans.

How many people are aware that legally owned guns are used to stop or prevent more than 2,000 crimes every day in the United States? The latest information I've read states that more than 15 million Americans have concealed weapon permits. When did the news media last report one of them committing a gun-related crime? I keep up with news and I've never heard such a story. Maybe the liberal, anti-gun media just doesn't want to report such stories.

Much of the violence we've witnessed across the nation in the past six months has been committed by the immature political progressives who cannot accept that voters who actually work for a living have had enough of their socialist agenda and want to return to true American values. Of course, as long as their leaders both in and out of Congress continue to spout their angry, untrue rhetoric, these useful idiots will continue to riot in the streets, burning and looting while in the pay of big-money socialists.

Meanwhile our new president is doing exactly what he promised, getting us back on the path started by the Founding Fathers. Thank you, President Trump.


St. Augustine, Fla.