Posted with permission from The Washington Times

Georgia State University administrators have kicked off a hiring spree for "multicultural ambassadors" who will help fellow students learn to view the world through a pro-progressive prism.

The school can call it what it wants. The truth is: they're seeking pro-progressive propagandists to teach the upcoming generation in the leftist way its members should go.

Can you imagine if conservatives on campus demanded similar job opportunities to further, say, an anti-affirmative action message or pro-capitalism mantra? My, how the left would clamor and protest then.

These news ambassador positions pay selected students $100 per month for 12 hours of work.

As Campus Reform noted: The successful candidates will "train and educate the Georgia State University community in multicultural competence [via] workshops, discussion forums and inclusive programs."

And the gist of some of these programs, which the new hires will have to facilitate?

They have titles like "Game of Oppression," and "Diversity 101" and "Safe Zone" and "Off the Wall."

That last, for example, looks at "the prevalent use of stereotypes in daily conversations" and teaches "how these stereotypes influence individuals on an ongoing basis."

No doubt, in this day and age of choose-your-own-pronoun, even calling a "he" a "he" falls under that stereotypical observation.

What ever happened to the notion that colleges were actual places of learning and scholarly pursuit?

They've been replaced by political correctness, propaganda drives and social justice warfare. No longer are students being prepared for a world of work and suitable vocation. Rather, they're being fashioned into left-leaning activists whose sole contributions to society will be pointing out - loudly and even violently - any deviation from the left's determination of proper rhetoric, proper politics, proper mindset.

Watch out, America. The thought police are on the rise and they're graduating from a school near you.