Posted with permission from The Washington Times

Comedian Bill Maher says it's the "kale-eating" liberals who are bringing the Democratic Party down.

Mr. Maher said during his "State of the Union Interview" released Wednesday by ATTN: and HBO that Democrats need to toughen up if they're going to win any elections.

"I don't, unfortunately, see a lot of people who have learned the lesson so far," Mr. Maher told ATTN:'s editor-in-chief Matthew Segal.

The "Real Time" host said there's a big difference between liberals like him and the "kale eaters" of the left.

"There's an important distinction: There's liberals like me, and then there's kale eaters," he said. "And it's the kale eaters, they're the ones who are dragging this party down.

"A kale eater is someone who believes 'The Vagina Monologues' should not be performed because it's insufficiently sensitive to the .03 percent of women who do not have a vagina," he said. "And that's real, I'm not making that up."

Mr. Maher said in order for Democrats to stand a chance against President Trump in 2020, they need to nominate "someone charismatic."

"I think we learned from Trump and Hillary that we're past the point where the American people really care to delve into the issues," he said. "They elected a game show host. Trump proved it. They want to be led. They don't know the issues. Just show you have a pair of balls - that's what they can't stand is that namby-pamby s---."

The comedian rejected the notion that Democrats should take the high road during elections.

"Yeah, f--- that. When they go low, you go lower," he said. "[Democrats] need some bastards there - some mean, Lyndon Johnson-y ... [candidates]."