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We are now headed towards America's first Culture War and possibly it's Second Civil War.

McConnell & Ryan's Russian Cover-up

Investigative Series One

Uncovering the GOP Cover-ups.

Where do we start in uncovering the GOP's cover-ups? What about McConnell and Ryan the treasonous, corrupt Republican leaders that disrupted Sally Yates' testimony and ruined, delayed and stopped Nunes' House investigation into Trumps' ties with Russia. What about McConnell and Ryan's obstruction and stalling that worked just long enough for them to fill the stolen Supreme Court Seat and give the GOP Coup D'état control of the Judiciary Branch or their plans to disrupt the Senate's Russian investigation as well. Appearances would suggest that there has been an (almost) all aboard eight year Republican and currently Russian supported cabal that set out to implement McConnell and Ryan's GOP Coup D'état to take control of the country and to destroy Obama's integrity, credibility and administration policies while GOP henchmen Chaffetz and Dowdy were wasting American taxpayers money wrongly Investigating and trying to destroy Clinton over Benghazi.

The GOP Election Cover-ups.

McConnell and Ryan spent millions of dollars to discredit and destroy Clinton on Benghazi and failed in their attempts. Why? Because each investigation ended up right back on McConnell and Ryan's doorstep because they personally were the ones who cut the security funding, ultimately deem the core reason for the failure of the Benghazi attack. McConnell and Ryan then changed their tactics to publicly supporting the Clinton email scandal. McConnell and Ryan then went to great lengths, with help from Russia and Wiki leaks, to smear all Democrats. McConnell and Ryan understood that Clinton at the time was riding a tidal wave of popular support and had to be stopped. McConnell and Ryan turned to FBI Director, Comey and confidently arranged for a last minute fake and BS email investigation of Clinton, thus throwing the election to their man Trump.

The GOP Motivations For Cover-ups.

With McConnell and Ryan as their leaders Putin, Trump, Wilbur Ross, Kushner, Chaffetz, Comey, Dowdy, Prince, Giuliani, Manafort, Tillerson, Page, and many more hidden players were all involved in this corrupt conspiracy to pull off McConnell and Ryan's first American Coup D'état. A large number of corrupt money laundering Russians are living just three floors down from Trump in Trump Tower as well as in Florida. Funding McConnell and Ryan's Coup D'état is oil and big American and Russian oligarch money. McConnell and Ryan clearly understood and would stand to personally gain trillions of dollars involving the removal of US sanctions on Russia through their political ties and support of Exxon and the Russian oil company Rosneft. McConnell and Ryan will see to it that Trump, Putin and their corrupt American and Russian oligarchs will be able to frack for oil, with uncontrolled and regulation free access (dismantling EPA) to the massive Russian oil reserves and natural resources.

The GOP Funding Cover-ups.

Through Trumps' campaign manager Manafort, McConnell and Ryan gained access to millions of dollars and multiple ties and connections with American and Russian oligarchs before Manafort resigned. Initial appearances would suggest that McConnell and Ryan dished out a lot of cash from Russia, to gain the silence and support of a large number of Republican traitors, hidden now in secret banks or safety deposit boxes? Virtually all new cabinet members, confirmed by McConnell and Ryan, clearly have oil pipeline or Russian ties as well.

Hiding From The GOP Cover-ups.

McConnell and Ryan have openly admitted to their ongoing obstruction of the Russian investigation. Both McConnell and Ryan also knew about the Russian hacking before the election and chose to overlook it. They also knew about all of Trump's "off the books" loans from Putin's Russian mob oligarchs. Why would McConnell and Ryan want to investigate themselves? At last count ten, implicated Russians during thus far investigations are dead, dropping like flies. The current cabinet has clearly been bought by millions of with American and Russian oligarch, Republican, and Goldman Sachs, money as proven by Wilbur Ross and Devos' recent cabinet appointments.

In The End, The GOP Still Retains Control of The Country.

McConnell and Ryan are currently trying to install their version of rich henchmen and mob oligarch rule in America. McConnell and Ryan's comrades are now laughing at Americans as they lie and deny, cheat and deceive us without remorse. With the power they currently have, McConnell and Ryan really think they are untouchable and above the law. Put simply, McConnell and Ryan have threatened the American people with Civil War if they exposed the Russian scandal. In the end, the question asked by most Americans is – How do we get our country back? The GOP has left the American people with but one final option – WAR – A people's civil war.

We are now headed towards America's first Culture War and possibly it's Second Civil War.

While some readers may view this article as just political prognostication, at some point, we all must put country ahead of political party and all agree that our constitution means something beyond parchment. With the daily waterfall of chaos cascading upon our national populace, the American people need to consider their own GOP Coup D'état exit strategy.

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