Posted with permission from Lifezette

Enflamed by the firing of FBI Director James Comey and incensed by President Trump's defiant comments in its wake, CNN commentators pushed their hyperbolic anti-Trump rhetoric to new heights.

On Sunday, three of the network's hosts -- Fareed Zakaria, Jake Tapper, and Brian Stelter -- warned of existential dangers to the fabric of American democracy posed by Trump.

"There are a lot of Americans out there who are scared this week ... because of the behavior by the president."

"Donald Trump in much of his rhetoric and many of his actions poses a danger to American democracy," claimed Zakaria. "What makes the American system of government distinctive is not how democratic it is but rather the opposite," he continued, "American democracy has a series of checks intended to prevent the accumulation and abuse of power by any one person or group," said Zakaria.

"But there is one gaping hole in the system. The president," Zakaria said. "There is just one check on the President -- impeachment," he said.

Zakaria, suggesting Trump is worthy of impeachment without identifying an offense, also missed the check on presidential power that has already been routinely excised under the new administration: the courts.

The president has seen two travel ban executive orders blocked by the federal judicial system -- the second, revised ban is due for a hearing before the 9th Circuit Court of appeals Monday.

Aside from alleging the president deserves impeachment, CNN hosts asserted fear of Trump's actions is sweeping the nation.

In a Sunday interview with former National Intelligence chief James Clapper, "State of the Union" host Jake Tapper asserted that "there are a lot of Americans out there who are scared this week, Democrats, Republicans, independents, because of the behavior by the president."

That same day a Wall Street Journal poll found 32 percent of Americans had no opinion of the Comey firing and another 29 percent approved of Trump's ouster of the FBI director.

Echoing both Clapper and Zakaria, CNN media analyst Brian Stelter asserted that the country is at a "tipping point."

"This is the low point in Donald Trump's young presidency," Stelter said during his opening monologue. "It also feels to some in the media like a tipping point," Stelter said, noting that from "the left we're hearing fears about a breakdown in democratic norms."

Stelter, nor his CNN colleagues, noted the firing of the FBI director is firmly within the rightful purview of the president and that therefore Trump crossed no constitutional line, even if the move was a departure from D.C. norms.

Stelter did mention that "from the right we're hearing complaints that this is all the media's fault."

It may be little wonder why judging from CNN's hysterical coverage.