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Joy Behar of “The View” said Wednesday that she’s been reading up on her Alexander Hamilton that these three things should be enough for the Electoral College to flip for Hillary Clinton.

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Behar said foreign involvement, Trump’s conflicts of interest and use of celebrity to get a populist wave of support are enough for the Electoral College members to flip votes.

“When [Trump] first was elected, I was angry and a lot of people were crying, and I said to them, don’t get sad, get mad. So I was in touch with my rage. Today — today I read the ‘New York Times,’ I read other things, and I realize that the Democrats are not going to do what they have to do to stop him, that the Democrats are rolling over, unless they’re changing it right now,” she said.

“We have a chance to stop Trump with the Electoral College. They’re about to vote, and according to the Constitution and Alexander Hamilton, these are the reasons they can vote against him. This is the Constitution,” she continued. “Foreign involvement in the election, number one. check. We all know that the Russians hacked into the whole thing.”

“His business ties have already introduced unparalleled and unconstitutional conflicts of interest. He’s not giving up — is he giving up his golf course in Scotland? I don’t think so. Is he giving up his Trump hotel in Istanbul? I don’t think so,” Behar asked. “He has postponed his — what is it, the press conference he was supposed to have. All of a sudden we’re not going to hear about it until after the inauguration?”

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“The third thing of course is that Hamilton was wanted to prevent voters from the influence of outside actors, bullies, demagogues and populism which got him in,” she said. “As Hamilton put it, an unqualified candidate who won over the masses with his talents below intrigue and the little arts of popularity. Read that, celebrity. Check.”

“So, in conclusion, there are the criteria with which the electors should be voting against Trump to be inaugurated if they are the patriotic Americans that they claim they are,” Behar summed up.

For your reference, here’s what Alexander Hamilton wrote on the Electoral College in Federalist Papers: No. 68, “The Mode of Electing the President.”