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WASHINGTON, October 13, 2016 - In 2016, the choice confronting Americans as they choose our next President is clear: Despite the presence of two third-party candidates, one of two people will be elected on November 8.

One is a man with a huge ego. He considers himself God's gift to the world and to women. He loves the limelight, considers himself a star, and sees the world as his oyster. Donald Trump is the right's answer to Barack Obama, a narcissist whose favorite pronoun is "I."

Trump has been recorded making vulgar comments about women. We are hearing from women who claim he took liberties with them that could be considered sexual harassment or worse. These remain he-said-she-said, but Trump may be a sexual predator. It's not like we haven't had one of those in the White House before, yet this is nothing to dismiss quickly. But we won't know the truth before election day.

Trump has given money to politicians in both parties to ensure he has their ear when he wants it. He has hired lawyers and accountants to ensure he takes advantage of every legal tax loophole and pay only what the law requires. He's the face of what people hate about our political and economic system.

Our second choice is a woman who has lied to America over and over again and has admitted to having different points of view in private than those she chooses to express in public. She has held positions of public trust, and has consistently abused that trust for her own gain.

Hillary Clinton refused to use the State Department email systems in favor of an unsecured private server. That decision seems to have been motivated by her desire to avoid public scrutiny of her communications.

Donations to the Clinton Foundation bought people and foreign governments access to the Secretary of State of the United States, a fact that would have surfaced in her mail. Even after those emails were subpoenaed by Congress, Clinton tried to destroy over 30,000 of them by extraordinary means.

Recently we found that some people Clinton surrounds herself hold those of the Catholic or Christian faith in disdain. Worse, Clinton has demonstrated incompetence in everything she has attempted.

It is easy to understand why people would not want Hillary Clinton in the White House.

There are just four weeks until the election and there will be more disturbing revelations about our two candidates. What are we to do?

As dismaying as the choice may be, effectively we don't have viable alternatives. The results of this election will shape the future of the United States for decades. Some may think this is hyperbole, but consider the facts.

Our nation is in a downhill spiral. In the last eight years, we have doubled the national debt to $20 trillion. We have expanded the federal reach by giving government power to decide what goes into health insurance policies while raising deductibles and limiting medical choices. The president has grabbed power by unconstitutionally creating laws through executive orders rather than working through Congress.

As the government's power increases, the power of the people is diminished. As a result, the vibrancy of our economy and the goodness of our culture is quickly going down the drain.

If Clinton is elected president, we know what she will do. She will have the opportunity to appoint as many as four Supreme Court justices. She has said that she will appoint people who support her progressive agenda and will legislate through court decisions to help ensure that her liberal goals are realized.

She promises to continue to preside over our military's decline.  She has already communicated to our terrorist enemies, whom she refuses to identify out of political correctness, exactly what she will do and won't do to confront them.

She promises to raise taxes, the surest way to put the economy into decline and increase the number of giveaways to include college tuition without considering what that will do to our ballooning national debt.

A Hillary Clinton presidency will accelerate and lock in our nation's conversion to socialism. Examining socialist countries around the world, we can conclude that our debt will continue to rise until such point that the government will either take away all of that free stuff it continues to dispense or simply default on the debt.

This will become increasingly likely because Hillary Clinton, like Obama, has no desire to control our borders. Thus, she will continue to allow millions more illegal immigrants to flow into our country and take advantages of all that our government has to offer. Our standard of living will continue to decline except for those who comfortably reside in the elite, ruling class. With the government managing so much of our lives, it will gain enough leverage to manipulate how we vote, where we go and what we do.

If Donald Trump is elected president, a grim outcome is not quite so certain. He has provided a list of the type of Supreme Court justices he would appoint. All these potential candidates hold the Constitution in high regard and will not be likely to legislate from the bench.

Trump has promised to do whatever it takes to defeat the threat of Islamic extremist jihadists.  He says he will build our military back up to ensure those who would do us harm will want to think twice before trying.

He promises to stop the flow of illegals across our borders and to manage our legal immigration system in a way that is best for the United States.

He recognizes that the best way to meet our financial challenges is to grow our economy. He talks of trade deals that will benefit American workers and of tax reform that will attract money our American companies earn overseas back to the US for expanding their business here, adding jobs and helping those who do not have a job or who have not seen a raise in 15 years. He wants to cut taxes just as John F. Kennedy and like Ronald Reagan did before him, recognizing from the results they achieved that this is a proven way to stimulate the economy.

Indeed Trump is a moderate. He, too, favors more government giveaways such as childcare to working moms. In his business dealings he seems a bit too comfortable with the use of debt. However, he has demonstrated that he recognizes when a company is in failure mode. Hopefully, he would recognize such a situation and stave off another massive failure of our economy.

I consider myself a conservative by every definition, socially, fiscally and otherwise. I understand that this is not the year (or administration) that is going to push our nation back onto the conservative side of the scale.  I know that I may not be able to respect the values of our next president, either way the election goes. And I also know that our only hope to save the United States from socialism is to plug the drain of decline before progressives are able to lock it in. As much as I would like a quick solution to our nation's problems, I recognize no such solution exists. We must take a longer view.

To those who claim the moral high ground and say that they could never vote for Donald Trump, I say WAKE UP.  Your holier-than-thou attitude will hand your children and grandchildren a socialist country and a perpetually declining standard of living. If protecting your conscience is worth that price, don't vote. And then remember that all your whining and wailing will not be able to turn things around.

*Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with LegalInsurrection.