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It's official: Donald Trump's not having fun anymore. So far, he's in hot water for firing James Comey, blabbing state secrets to the Russians, asking Comey to drop the Michael Flynn investigation, and hiring a law firm that won "Russia Law Firm of the Year" to deny he has ties to Russia.

And that's just within the past seven days. Now the White House is in turmoil, even Republicans are floating the idea of impeaching him, and the Russia investigation lingers on.

When it comes to news insane news, Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. On Wednesday evening, The New York Times reported Donald Trump knew Michael Flynn was under investigation before his inauguration but appointed him to the National Security Council anyway.

Mr. Flynn's disclosure, on Jan. 4, was first made to the transition team's chief lawyer, Donald F. McGahn II, who is now the White House counsel. That conversation, and another one two days later between Mr. Flynn's lawyer and transition lawyers, shows that the Trump team knew about the investigation of Mr. Flynn far earlier than has been previously reported.

And Michael Flynn isn't just under investigation for his ties to Russia. He also came under fire for talking about lifting US sanctions against Russia with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak before his boss had even taken office.

Oh, and The Hill reminds us, there are also those payments he received from Turkey as well as Russian companies.

Flynn was paid $45,000 by RT in 2015 to speak at the group's 10th anniversary gala. The two other companies - Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, a U.S. subsidiary of Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab, and Russia-based Volga-Dnepr Airlines - paid him more than $5,000, according to the documents.

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