Posted with permission from Crooks and Liars

This has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Sean Spicer. Not the least of which the constant rumor-mongering that he will be out of a job soon. (P.S. Sarah, don't think for a minute that there's a chance of you taking over, by the way. Trump likes to "cast" his staff and well, you don't look the part. Loyalty oaths are a one-way street in TrumpAmerica).

So I suspect there will be a few very unhappy campers tomorrow morning from tonight's SNL sketch. We already know that Trump is not a fan of having Melissa McCarthy play his pugnacious press secretary. Nor does he like Alec Baldwin's uncanny caricature.

How do you think he'll respond to Trump's Godfather-like kiss of death to Spicey? Will he see it as a power move (which you know he's all about, even if it means incriminating himself) or will he see it as him making out with another man? Or will he think Melissa McCarthy (who apparently rattles him) is no substitute for that expanding globe toy?