Posted with permission from Crooks and Liars
Former New Hampshire Governor Mocks Hillary Clinton's Sex Life During Trump Rally

Talk about despicable Trump supporters, the former New Hampshire Governor and White House chief of staff for George H Bush, John Sununu joked about Bill and Hillary's sex life while warming up the crowd for Trump earlier today.

"Do you think that Bill was referring to Hillary when he said: 'I did not have sex with that woman?' Sununu said, referring to former president Bill Clinton.

For any Trump surrogate to make sex jokes about someone who is running for president is really bad, but when their own candidate is on tape explaining how he sexually assaults women and is being sued for raping a thirteen year old, you'd think they'd show some restraint.

They certainly have a hoot at those country clubs.

A small crowd gathered at a country club laughed at the joke. One man shouted: "You mean Bill the rapist?" Trump's campaign has yet to respond to the comment.

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PS. Did you know John "Hot Rod" Sununu was Playgirl's sexiest politician of 2016? OK, that never happened.