Posted with permission from dpa German Press Agency

Brussels (dpa) - The European Parliament voted on Thursday to lift restrictions on accessing online content subscriptions such as video, audio and e-books, while travelling abroad.

Currently content providers such as Netflix, Amazon and others block content from being accessed outside the country where the subscriber is registered.

Under the new rules access must be granted to people travelling to another EU country for a limited period of time, for example on holiday, or on a business or study trip.

"If you live for instance in Germany but you go on holiday or visit your family or work in Spain, you will be able to access the services that you had in Germany in any other country in the union, because the text covers the EU," said Jean-Marie Cavada, the French member of parliament responsible for steering the new rules through the chamber.

The regulation will apply from the first half of 2018, including for subscriptions already in place.

According to figures released by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), with 54 per cent, Netflix has the largest share of the EU's subscription market.