Posted with permission from dpa German Press Agency

Tel Aviv (dpa) - A video showing Russian ice skaters performing in concentration camp prisoner outfits was slammed as "grotesque" and "offensive" on various social media platforms on Sunday.

Tatyana Navka, who's married to Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, performed the piece based on the Italian movie Life is Beautiful on Saturday night on the Russian television show Ice Age.

The US comedian Sarah Silverman expressed horror on Twitter on Sunday, writing: "Oh those whacky Holocaust victims (OH MY GOD)."

Navka posted images of the performance on her Instagram account and wrote that she hoped to pay remembrance to the Holocaust so future generations would never have to experience anything so terrible.

Ice Age, which is shown on Russian broadcaster Channel One, is a celebrity competition show. Navka and her skating partner, Andre Burkovsky, donned tattered, striped uniforms with large, yellow Stars of David for their four-minute performance. According to the Times of Israel, Russian media focused on Navka's choice to not wear make-up.

Life is Beautiful, made by the Italian director Roberto Benigni in 1997, is a tragicomedy about an Italian-Jewish man's fight to survive in a Nazi concentration camp.