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The 1st and 4th commissions of the National Assembly (AN) approved Thursday in Luanda a joint report of the Draft Organic Law on the basis of the system of organization and operation of local power, in the framework of the essential tasks for the implementation of local elections.

The consensus draft of legislative initiatives by the Head of the Executive Power and UNITA will be voted at the plenary on 22 June this year.

The Draft and the Proposal of Organic Law on the basis of the system of organization and functioning of the local power were jointly appreciated in the specialty and merged into a single diploma, according to the recommendation of the Plenary of the Parliament held on May 25, 2017.

The chairman of the parliament 1st commission, which deals with Constitutional and Legal matters, Reis Júnior said that the document results from approximations of positions between MPLA and UNITA parliamentary groups.

The UNITA MP Fernando Heitor noted that the good policy is one that respects the proposals of all who seek consensus.

The other UNITA MP Manuel Saviemba defended the separation of powers between administrative and traditional authorities, for which institutions of traditional power cannot be subject to the regime of administrative incumbency.

On the occasion, the Secretary of State for Institutional Affairs, Adão de Almeida, considered pertinent the issues raised by MP Manuel Saviemba.

He said that it was a new exercise resulting from the Constitution that the institutions of traditional power were framed within the framework of the concept of local power.