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Taiwan's Tourism Bureau launched the 2017 Ecotourism Year and announced 20 selected ecotourism itineraries in a press conference on Wednesday in a bid to encourage the public to immerse themselves in Taiwan's beautiful natural landscapes and rich eco-environments.

A panel of judges formed by the Taiwan Ecotourism Association selected these itineraries from a pool of ecotourism itineraries planned and proposed by many tour operators in Taiwan, according to the bureau. The selected itineraries will take participants to the outdoors all over Taiwan to visit aboriginal tribes; view fireflies in their natural habitats at night; explore wetland ecology; appreciate geological, natural and cultural landscapes of offshore islands; hike on forest trails; and watch butterflies and flowers.

All of the selected itineraries have been carefully planned, including details of where to go, what to do and when to do. The majority of the itineraries are two-day trips, and just a few are one-day trips and trips longer than two days.

For details of all the selected itineraries, please visit the ecotourism in Taiwan official website (Chinese). The webpage of each itinerary also provides information and link for booking.

The Tourism Bureau also includes a separate section on the website to introduce ecotourism information and related activities from all national scenic areas in Taiwan.