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Aside from wrecking havoc to the entire Super Mario universe on a daily basis, the King Koopa himself, Bowser also has fatherly duties to fulfill.

The towering villain, who's been a torn to Mario's side since day one, showed his soft spot in an adorable instructional video recently released by Japanese game developer Nintendo, for its latest product, the Nintendo Switch.

As seen in an almost three-minute clip, the new video game console introduced its new parental control function through hilarious parent-and-child interactions between Bowser and his son-which mirror the reality in common households.

Dubbed as the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, the new feature lets parents control how much time their kids can play, while also monitoring what they do with the console, by simply checking their smartphones.

The slick new function also details specifics like the total usage of their child's account, showing what time games start, duration of play, what games are played and other useful parenting options.

But perhaps its biggest attribute is being able to enforce a timeframe for playing video games, with options to either send a warning message to their kids when the time is up, or immediately lock the console.

The latter option, which even Bowser believes should only be used as 'last resort', could be more effective for stubborn children who refuse to stop their gaming.

Furthermore, parents could also set restrictions for online communication within the console, and even receive a monthly summary report regarding its usage.

The Nintendo Switch will be sold globally starting March 3, while its patented parental control app will be made available for both iOS and Android users.