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WEST ORANGE -- Some look like superheroes. Others look like bugs. Still, others have inspirational messages scrawled across them.

There aren't any design rules to take part in the national rock-painting phenomenon that's recently taken hold in West Orange. Families hoping to participate just need to pick up rocks from a local park, paint them, and hide them in another town park.

If you find a rock, you can take it home with you, or re-hide somewhere else.

"It's a great way to get the community out into the parks," said Perry Bashkoff, the township's social media consultant who launched the program in West Orange.

The movement has gained steam on social media, first taking hold through a few nationally organized groups like the Kindness Rocks Project and the Facebook group USA Painted Rocks Etc.

In individual towns, organizers use social media pages to spread the word about rock painting, hiding, and seeking, and ask participants to post pictures of their jagged creations.

A few communities in New Jersey have started their own pages, and over the past month and a half in West Orange, #WORocks has attracted about 450 members on Facebook, and another 100 on Instagram.

According to a Today Show story on the online phenomenon, communities all across the country have attracted tens of thousands of their residents to take part. Megan Murphy, a Massachusetts life coach who started the Kindness Rocks Project, told the Today Show, "The project is about people. ... It's about after people find a rock and they have that feeling about the rock and realize there's another human being who actually gets them. They realize they are not alone in this world."

In West Orange, the public library and Lyric Performing Arts Center are both planning rock painting parties to encourage involvement.

#WestOrangeRocks has taken off, Bashkoff said, because the social media frenzy can "spread positivity, encourage creativity, and bring the community together."

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