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Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly and her new home, NBC, are under fire this week for an interview set to air this Sunday with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Jones has questioned whether the killing of 26 people in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, was a hoax.

Many argue that giving Jones a primetime platform only elevates him and legitimizes his views, but NBC News Chairman Andy Lack argues: "What I think we're doing is journalism."

The backlash over the interview has cost Kelly's new show "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" advertisers such as J.P. Morgan Chase. Parents of Sandy Hook victims have urged NBC to pull the interview.

"As an advertiser, I'm repulsed that @megynkelly would give a second of airtime to someone who says Sandy Hook and Aurora are hoaxes," tweeted JPMorgan Chase chief marketing officer Kristin Lemkau. "Why?"

"Rather than give prime time face time to an extremist conspiracy theorist who cashes in on fear and fake controversies, Megyn Kelly should give air time to some of the hundreds of thousands of families who are affected by gun violence every year in our country," said Dan Gross, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence president.

Sandy Hook deniers regularly harass the parents of the slain children, calling them liars and threatening them with violence. A woman was recently sentenced to prison for such threats.

On Tuesday, nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise foundation disinvited Kelly as host of its annual gala in Washington.

Despite the backlash, NBC said yesterday that it will move forward with the interview.

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