Posted with permission from Newsweek

It’s been four days since the American people have seen President Donald Trump. Even then, only those who may have been hanging around the White House would have been able to catch a glimpse of the nation’s 45th president as he returned home from Europe on Saturday.

Four days may not seem that long for the leader of the free world to remain out of public view. But with so much controversy surrounding his administration following his son’s string of tweets on Wednesday—which revealed email conversations involving Donald Trump Jr. regarding “incriminating” evidence against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton—it does start to feel like an extended period without hearing from the U.S. leader.

Actually, if we want to get super technical, it’s been eight days since Donald Trump has made a public appearance in the U.S. The last time the 71-year-old came before the Americans was during 4th of July holiday celebrations, when he gave a speech on the White House’s South Lawn for a military appreciation event. The next day, Trump was off to Poland, where he stopped ahead of the G20 Summit in Hamburg.

It’s unclear why Trump has been enjoying only the comforts of his home on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue even as new allegations have surfaced regarding Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Only on Twitter and through Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has he addressed the frenzy surrounding disclosures that his oldest son was, in fact, aware Russian forces were trying to affect Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency.

However, it may just be that the president is too busy doing presidential things to make public appearances.

In a recent tweet, Trump said that the White House was “functioning perfectly” and was “focused on HealthCare, TaxCuts/Reform & many other things,” despite left-wing outrage over the emails, one of which included Donald Trump Jr.’s “I love it" response to the suggestion that he receive “very high level and sensitive information” that was “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” In fact, Donald Trump has been so busy handling matters of U.S. policy that he's only had "very little time" to watch any TV, or so he said on Twitter.

During a press briefing Wednesday, Sanders told reporters that the president has had his hands full with meetings with aides regarding matters of trade, cyber security, national security and health care, among other topics.

Regardless, it is the people of Paris who will more than likely get to see Donald Trump before Americans do. On Thursday, he will be appearing in Paris as French President Emmanuel Macron’s guest of honor for the country's Bastille Day celebrations.