Posted with permission from International Business Times

Tesla will finally reveal the production version of the Model 3 on Friday. The first mass-market sedan by Tesla has been highly awaited and anticipated with the company opening its $1,000 bookings for the $35,000 car. CEO Elon Musk claimed that over 400,000 reservations have been received for the Model.

The first 30 buyers who had booked the car early will receive it soon at a handover party, while the others will have to wait. The company is expected to start bumping up production in the coming months. Its goal is to produce 1,500 Model 3 sedans in September, a number that will be bumped up to 20,000 by December.

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Here are some possible features one might look forward to, once the car hits the roads:

No Key:  Tesla Model 3 owners might not have a car key at their disposal — they might get a card instead. The Drive reported on Monday that the car might break with tradition and not provide owners with a car key if we are to go by a video showing Tesla’s vice-president of engineering entering a Model 3 and putting a card-sized booklet into its center-console.

Chances are that Tesla might have exchanged the traditional car key for a Radio-frequency identification RFID card, which would easily unlock and lock the car. Another possibility is that Tesla might allow users to unlock their Model 3 sedans using the Tesla app.

Improved Battery:  The Model 3 might have a better battery than the Model X and the Model S. Currently the Model S and the Model X use a battery comprised of 18,650 cylindrical cells the size of an AA battery. The company has also begun manufacturing a battery with 2,170 battery cells, which uses larger cells than the ones used in the Model X and the Model S.

But, according to Gas2, the Model 3 battery might have rectangular cells instead of round ones, which will have higher energy density than the 18,659 or the 2,170 cell batteries and might provide the Model 3 with a higher range on a single charge.

No Instrument Panel: It is already known that the Model 3 will not feature an instrument panel like regular cars. Instrument panels are traditionally placed in front of the user’s eyes they are generally a distraction, especially while driving at night. Many car makers have shifted it to the center of the dashboard, but Tesla is fully abolishing the concept in Model 3. Instead of an instrumental panel, it will have a tablet-like display on the dashboard, showing users all the metrics they need.

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New Gear Selector: The Model 3 has a new gear selector, which will be placed alongside the steering. The gear selector will have the usual reverse, neutral, drive and park modes, but will also feature an autopilot mode. While the Model 3’s autonomy is currently at Level 2, chances are that future hardware and software upgrades might bring it to Level 5 — full autonomy.

A Driver’s Training Incentive: If you own a Model 3, teaching your kid how to drive might be cheaper. DrivingTests, an e-learning company that helps people prepare for driving tests across the country is offering discounts of up to $500 on in-car driver’s training to Model 3 owners.