Posted with permission from International Business Times

While some are still digesting, Black Friday enthusiasts spend the day after Thanksgiving hunting for the best deals on retail, travel and more. 

The term "Black Friday" was first coined by police in Philadelphia during the early 1950s to reflect the city's chaos the day after Thanksgiving. Back then, the Friday following Turkey Day did not refer to sales but to the hoards of people and crimes that would later ensue. 

Philadelphia police dealt with traffic and shoplifters, and the term "Black Friday" soon caught on the following decade.

Retailers in the 1960s, however, wanted to remove the negative stigma associated with Black Friday. Through the deployment of incredible sales,  a more positive light was shed on Black Friday. The idea of post-Thanksgiving sales did not fully stretch nationwide, however, until the mid-1980s. 

Since the day after Thanksgiving arguably is the first day of the holiday season, many indulge in the incredible in-store and online sales offered during Black Friday. Last year nearly 100 million in-store shoppers participated in the Black Friday celebrations, according to a CNN report, while another 54 million chose the online route. 

This year, Black Friday will occur on Nov. 24, but some retailers plan on getting a headstart on the sale and opening their doors as early as 5 p.m. Thanksgiving day.  

Plenty of stores will be participating the festivities. From home improvement to pet supplies, a good deal is out there for those who want it. 

Last year's Black Friday sales brought over 150 million shoppers. Photo: Getty