Posted with permission from FanBuzz

When the Cleveland Browns passed on quarterbacks like Deshaun Watson in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, many were quick to criticize the team’s front office. Then, in the second round, the Browns invested in former Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer. And while that was not met with universal approval, it gave the Browns a (very) talented prospect to build with for the future.

Then, Kizer won the starting quarterback job.

The 6’4, 233-pound signal-caller was seen by many as a long-term project and, while the talent level is clear, Kizer looked overmatched in the early going. He completed just 50.9 percent of his passes while throwing nine interceptions (against just three touchdowns) and that play earned him a benching in favor of Kevin Hogan this week.

In the aftermath, it seems as if Kizer did not enjoy that. He was captured “liking” a tweet that called the Browns the “worst organization in the league.”

The optics of this are not good, even if Kizer is understandably frustrated. He was tagged in the tweet and could have conceivably been acknowledging the positive individual sentiment but, even as a rookie, he has to realize the negative connotation that goes along with this action.

Kevin Hogan is the guy for this week and, potentially, beyond but Kizer is the best quarterback prospect in the organization today. Now, we’ll see how he responds to everything but the first step after hitting the bench isn’t great.