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It was supposed to be a time of celebration — a moment when NASCAR driver Martin Truex, Jr. should have been basking in the sheer joy of winning the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Oct. 8.

But something was missing.

His longtime girlfriend Sherry Pollex was not by his side in victory lane, as she continues to battle ovarian cancer and undergo chemotherapy treatments. So when a NASCAR reporter asked Martin about her absence, he simply couldn’t hold his emotions back.

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“Yeah, you just try to hold it all in all of the time,” he said, the tears forming in his tired eyes. “You just can’t. She’s at home. Hope you are feeling good today baby. Love you.”

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Of course, Sherry was watching the race, and she turned to her socials to congratulate her love. “Well, that was tough to watch,” she wrote. “But I’m cheering you on from home, babe! Chemo Monday, victory lane Sunday.”

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Indeed, these two are joined together not only in the fight of their lives, but also in the battle for Martin to finish his year with a much-deserved championship. “[His] team has had such an incredible year,” Sherry told Rare Country in September. “I think they are all pumped up and I hope that momentum takes them all the way to Homestead and [brings them] home a championship. That’s what they are all here for — to win the big prize at the end of the year. And yes, it would be bittersweet for Martin and I to be there at Homestead with all of our family. After everything we have been through, for him to hoist that trophy I think would just be such a cool story, not just for us but also for people who have followed our story and for NASCAR. We will have to see what happens. Anything can happen.”